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Preserving The Past While Building The Future

Enhancing Historic Building Owners and Cities’ tourism economy by maintaining historic culture while remodeling for a novel and memorable visitor experience.

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Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals hailing from diverse corners of the globe, giving us a unique advantage in tackling the distinctive challenges posed by historic structures. With an extensive portfolio spanning the US, Caribbean, and Europe, BEE has honed its expertise in navigating the intricacies that arise from varying histories, materials, and climates. Count on us to deliver expert solutions tailored to your project's specific needs, backed by a wealth of knowledge gained from successfully completed ventures worldwide. Let our experience guide you towards a seamless restoration journey like never before.

Your Cultural Legacy

As guardians of cultural heritage, your historic buildings hold the stories, architectural brilliance of generations past and your diligent caretaking. Partnering with us empowers you to preserve this invaluable heritage while ensuring vital safety, compliance, and unforgettable visitor experiences. Our expert team's passion for preservation and appreciation of history ensures that these treasured landmarks stand the test of time, inspiring and captivating generations to come. Let us unite in safeguarding your community's legacy, honoring the past, and shaping an enduring future through your historic masterpiece.


Maximizing your capital and time with restoration, remodeling and conservation centric projects at the building, city and state level. Our services focus on enhancing the features of your historic cultural allure that create a nostalgic cultural wonder while strategically incorporating much needed modern infrastructure and regulations.

Grant & Tax Credit Procurement

Use Restoration allocated state and municipal funds to help cover remodeling costs for your project. Procure tax credits to offset taxes on your large and costly project. Tax credits may be up to 25% while multiple grants may be awarded in up to $250k+ amounts depending on the projects.


Material Lifespan Evaluation

Determine how long the various existing materials within your buildings will last and if they truly need to be replaced. Gather a deep insight to the life expectancy of materials to determine if they need replaced in your current remodel or if they can be replaced at a later date.

Maintenance Planning

Our comprehensive and easily manageable maintenance plans establish a clear roadmap for the upkeep of your historic investment. We provide detailed processes, outlining specific tasks and systems to ensure the long-term preservation of your property without the need for expensive and frequent reaction based interventions.

Grand Vision Cost Assessment

Understand the various costs, project requirements, scope and risks of your grand vision before any major capital is invested. Evaluate design decisions for their risks, community buy in, costs and impact before permits are even pulled to ensure the highest value and deepest nostalgic feel is maintained across the lifecycle of your restoration initiative.

Permit Navigation & Compliance Management

Swiftly navigate bureaucratic requirements in a collaborative and efficient manner with the local municipalities. Develop a smooth and long lasting working relationship with the city and state municipalities.

A Few Of Our Previous Projects

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Clients and Partners

What Our Clients Say

BEE Architectural Firm is an exceptional partner for building restoration, surpassing all expectations with their unmatched attention to detail and passion for preservation. Combining modern functionality with the building's original charm, their meticulous planning and eco-friendly practices ensured a seamless restoration process. The team's craftsmanship, innovative design solutions, and use of advanced technology resulted in a property of both historical significance and increased market value. BEE's dedication to excellence makes them the ultimate choice for anyone seeking outstanding architectural restoration services.
Emily Hunt
When I decided to restore my historical building, I couldn't have made a better choice than partnering with BEE Architectural Firm. They delivered beyond my wildest dreams! From the start, their passion for preserving historical buildings was evident, and their attention to detail was impeccable. Not only did they skillfully blend modern features with the building's original charm, but they also managed to secure impressive tax credits of 400k for the restoration project. It was a win-win situation – not only did my property's value increase significantly, but I also benefited from substantial tax savings. BEE's commitment to excellence and their ability to navigate the complexities of tax incentives make them the ideal architectural firm for any restoration project. I can't recommend them enough!
Julie Robinson
BEE Architectural Firm's restoration services are truly exceptional. They skillfully revitalized my historic building, preserving its charm while adding modern functionality. Their dedication to sustainability impressed me, and the increased market value of my property is a testament to their expertise. Highly recommended for anyone seeking top-notch architectural restoration!
Morgan Jonathan
BEE Architectural Firm is an absolute game-changer for historic property owners! I was blown away by the transformation they brought to my building. Their passion for preserving architectural heritage shines through in every detail of their restoration work. Not only did they skillfully blend modern elements with the building's original charm, but they also managed to secure an impressive $400k in tax credits for the project. It's incredible how they turned my property into a valuable gem while saving me money on taxes. If you want to unlock the true potential of your historic building, look no further than BEE. Their excellence in architectural restoration is unmatched, and I can't recommend them enough. Reach out to them today and embark on a journey of transformation and success!
James Brook

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